Obec Spišský Hrhov
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Re-education Institute for the Young

60th Anniversary of the Re-education Institute for the Young

12The re-education institute for the young is situated in the historical building of a former Czakys‘ manor house owned by count JUDr. Gustav Czaky and built in 1893-1895 in French pseudo Baroque style. The Czakys lived in Spissky Hrhov from the end of the 19th century until November 1944. After the liberation of the village on the 26th January 1945, the count left behind all his property-the manor house, the chapel, a park, a greenhouse, and other buildings, the farm with two cowsheds, a barn, a granary, a tool shed and a distillery.

34Since 1999, the manor house has been the residence of of the Re-education institute for the young focusing on intensive education and housing 82 female residents who are provided with permanent day care with essential needs, and advice for future careers and extra school activities.