Obec Spišský Hrhov
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Kindergarten/ Nursery School

Komenskeho 10 ,Spišský Hrhov

Characteristics of the school

There are three classes in the Nursery School in Spissky Hrhov. Two of them look after children throughout the whole day and one of them, situated in the nearby village of Doľany, looks after romany children from the settlement in Roškovce for half a day. These two offer education to children from the age of two to the age of six, including those for whom compulsory school attendance was postponed.

The nursery school is attended by an average of 47 children. There are four teachers employed including the Headmaster. Besides the teachers there is one person employed to deliver and serve meals from the primary school canteen. The old building of the Nursery School has been rebuilt and central gas heating has been installed. The classrooms have been equipped with the necessary furnishings and appliances to secure the children‘s safety. The school buildings consist of two classrooms with bathrooms, a kitchen and dining-room, both with side entrances.